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Join our groundbreaking movement to unite founders and funders who share a vision for sustainable women-led ventures!

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Are you the founder of a women-led business who’s determined to change the world in pursuit of your dreams? Have you worked hard enough to generate at least $50k in profit so that you can your team can experience some financial reward for your efforts? Have you been an entrepreneur long enough to have found the product or service that your customers truly love? Do you have a plan to use additional cash to kickstart your company growth campaign? If so, you might be a perfect fit for our initial founder cohort!

There are three ways that we can help you with funding and exposure for your company.

  • Get Funding News: We share weekly funding opportunities, grants and awards through our newsletter. Our community members have been accepted to numerous business accelerator and funding opportunities including Venture Atlanta, Founder's Institute, Pipeline Angels, Center for Civic Innovation Fellowship, Ascend 2020, Roddenberry Fellowship, Miller Light and more! When you win, we win! Subscribe now.

  • Apply for our Entrepreneur Showcase: EnrichHER Businesses have the opportunity to participate in our entrepreneurship showcase. The participants in the showcase not only have the chance to win cash prizes through our pitch competition, but they also receive exposure through social, media, podcasting, print publishing and more. We’ve received numerous testimonials that participation helped bring new customers and advocates and increase business revenue. Also, they will have the first access to funding on our platform. Apply today.

Here are the steps:

  1. Submit EnrichHER Showcase Application
  2. You will receive an email stating that you are a semi-finalist with a request for additional documentation.
  3. Semi-Finalists will be asked to submit a video for the showcase to the community.
  4. Finalists are selected by community vote and selection committee for eligibility for cash prizes and pitching live at the EnrichHER Spark conferences.
  • Apply  for EnrichHER Funding Cohort: EnrichHER Funding is a debt-based platform funding women-led businesses. All funds will need to be repaid to your funder using principal and interest. The first cohort of business will be presented to our funders for consideration. There is no obligation for the founder to accept funding, nor is there a guarantee that all companies will be approved for non-equity funding.  

Here are the steps:

  1. Complete this simple application Apply today.

  2. Meet with Founder to see if you’re a perfect fit for our platform.

  3. Move forward with selected funding strategy.


Are you successful in your career and ready to part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem? Do you like being part of something that is both needed for economic empowerment and potentially financially rewarding? Would funding a women-led business make you feel satisfied as business catalyst, savvy opportunity maker, and part of the movement?

There are three ways that you can be financially involved in the EnrichHER Movement.

  • Contribute to the the #100ForWomen Campaign: We are seeking 100 people to put $500 or more towards women-run businesses in 2018. As an early funder, you will be one of the first people on our soon-to-be-launched funding platform. Your funding pledge will help us reach our goal of starting 2018 on a high note with a community-sourced $100,000 fund committed to women-led businesses on our platform. We can’t think of a better way to let women across the country know that we’ve got their back! Sign Up Now!

  • Sign up to be a Funder on EnrichHER Funding: If you’re ready to view business opportunities to see if a business opportunity is right for you. Please sign up . You have no obligation to fund any opportunity. You will decide how and when to allocate your own portfolio. We do not provide investment advice. These are non-equity based funding opportunity where you will receive monthly principal and interest based payments.

  • Be a part of all of it: If you’re like what we’re doing and want to be a part of EnrichHER at the ground floor, please contact us.

Community Stakeholders

Do you love what EnrichHER is doing and want to support our objectives?

We need you!

There are three ways that you can support our EnrichHER initiatives.

  1. Join our Ambassador Squad: The members of the ambassador team will receive many perks including free attendance at events, revenue share opportunities and more. Our goal is to get the EnrichHER message out women-led businesses across the country so that we can help as many of them as possible.  One of our primary tools for getting our message out is through our EnrichHER Spark conferences, which are local initiatives designed to help entrepreneurs with coaching, capital, and connections.  In business, the saying is “it’s not what you know, but who you know.”  EnrichHER Spark conferences allow entrepreneurs to advance their businesses by making meaningful face-to-face connections with local leaders, investors, business coaches, and like-minded entrepreneurs. Join Us.

  2. Become an EnrichHER Community Partner: Our 2017 Atlanta Spark Conference was a huge success! Community partners are partner organizations that support women-led businesses. These organizations want to include the EnrichHER Spark conference as a part of their event roster with their member entrepreneurs. Or, these organizations have a community that can significantly benefit from learning from our speakers, workshops, and events.  Our previous community partners include: the National Women's Business Council, Operation Hope, Startup Grind, BB&T Bank, Atlanta City Council, Emprendedores Latinos, Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Project, and the Center for Civic Innovation. If you would like to be a community partner, please contact us at hello@enrichher.co.

  3. Sponsor an EnrichHER Spark Event: Our inaugural EnrichHER spark conference was featured in Fast Company and HuffPost and received over 1.5 Million digital impressions from over 40+ media outlets. The conference which welcomed over 250 live and 700 virtual attendees.  Sponsorship dollars will be used to provide education to entrepreneurs, logistical support and provide grant dollars to the entrepreneurs that participate in the grant showcase. Feature your product or service to our audience. Position your company so that it may benefit from helping women-led businesses success. If you would like to be a sponsor, please contact us at hello@enrichher.co.