PENNY LEE: Intersecting Politics and Tech to Create Inclusivity

Empathy, kinship and an inclusive community have been part of Penny Lee’s vernacular as a young minster’s daughter, growing up in, Palmer, Alaska. As Penny and her family established themselves in their community, her father would welcome the congregation of all different backgrounds into their home and thrived on a life of a service to others. When community members struggled, they all struggled and empowered each other together. When the community rejoiced over an accomplishment, they celebrated in unison together.

At the young age of 14 years old, Penny began to create her own role as a budding changemaker during her first engagement with politics. As a member of the family church congregation, Edna DeVries won the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor congregation and Penny jumped at the chance to volunteer on her campaign. Through her campaign work, Penny witnessed the power of motivating an audience with clear messaging and how people would just gravitate towards someone of influence. Needless to say, Penny was intoxicated and decided to make politics her life’s work.

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