INVESTOR PROFILE: The Many Lives of Violet Pearson

When interviewing successful change makers, it can often be daunting to navigate through their illustrious career of different professional chapters. Hera Hub Atlanta owner and EnrichHER investor Violet Pearson is no exception to this rule and her story will empower you to chase after your dreams. Her own life challenges have fueled inspiration to create opportunity, community, and safety for women across the globe and continue her own education as a lifetime changemaker.

As a child growing up in Nigeria, Violet was inspired by the drive of her mother who owned a number of restaurants as well as a poultry farm. “My mother never even saw an inside of a kindergarten classroom growing up”, states Violet. With a lack of formal schooling and endless tenacity, her mother worked tirelessly to create educational opportunities for her six children. By the time Violet herself reached her college years in Ibadan Nigeria, she desperately wanted to study mechanical engineering but a Geology degree was her only available option. It is worth noting that at the time, she didn’t even know what the study of Geology entailed but understood the opportunity of a college education regardless.

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