BLACK GIRL VENTURES: Through building community, I change the world. I do this for the cause, the culture, and the coins.

“Fearless Leader” and “Soul of a Serial Entrepreneur” are among the many engaging attributes of Black Girl Ventures founder and EnrichHER advocate, Shelly Bell. Needless to say, nobody puts Shelly in the corner. Entrepreneurship and the grit required to put an idea into action comes second nature to Shelly who gave birth to her first child at age 17 while beginning her first semester at college. “I will not fail”, was always her mantra. Because of this carried belief throughout her life, she has launched multiple successful business’ while also focusing on the importance of investing in other women-led business’.

Through fearlessness and consistent determination, Shelly took full time work in computer science and teaching during her twenties. While the full time work kept her bills paid and food on the table, Shelly scratched the creator itch by always having a side hustle. “I sold vacuum cleaners, lingerie, became a nanny and a bartender. While working my full-time job, I always had a business opportunity on the side.”

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