OURERRANDS: Who says Personal Assistants are just for the Rich and Famous?
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As a personal assistant since the age of 11, Justice Miranda understands the “Jack of all Trades” mentality required to keep her employers happy and empowered to focus on their top priorities. She prides herself in knowing that she was able to alleviate stress and provide freedom and efficiency to her previous employers who consist of small business owners, franchises, and even celebrities.

During completion of her senior year in 2016, Justice partnered with cousin and co-founder DeShawn who had built a robust career as a pharmacist and manager within the Walmart brand. Their passion for assisting others to live the fullest lives possible drove the creation of OURERRANDS. An efficient, reliable, and ON-Demand assistant for every day needs that could empower the every day person. Now that the “WHY” of their company was established, the customer discovery process would take them down a winding road of many pivots until they found their sweet spot.