Atlanta Beer Boutique: How a Childhood Ritual With Her Father Evolved Into Her Career Passion
Jen Price with Wine.jpeg

For Jen Price, it all started at the young age of five when she anxiously awaited her father’s arrival home from a long day of work. As the afternoon sun began to fade and the front door cracked open with her father’s footsteps, Jen excitedly ran to the fridge and retrieved an ice cold Miller High Life. She popped off the cap as she did every day and poured the Champagne of Beersinto a tall chilled glass ready to present to her father. She would meticulously savor the foam off the top of the glass prior to handing the High Life to him.

At age 43, Jen is nostalgic over these fond memories which in turn has driven her curiosity and appreciation for beer as she dreams of turning it into her professional calling.

Beer has a nostalgic place because of the memories with my father. I later grew an appreciation for the flavors, the culture and the craft during my college years in Boulder, Colorado while interning during the summer months. - Jen Price