2017 has been a year where headlines were not filled with female positive news, but we aren’t looking back - we are looking forward to 2018, the year of the woman! EnrichHER invites you to be the first person to join our #100ForWomen campaign and invest in the future we can be excited about! 

Our #100ForWomen campaign is aimed at getting 100 funders, big and small, to pledge an investment in women-led companies in 2018. We want YOU to be one of those funders. 


  • Women-led companies are more profitable and perform far better than other companies. (Bloomberg Markets)
  • In 2016 male run companies got 16 times more funding - and double the deal size - than women-run companies. (Fortune Magazine)
  • Women-led companies mean more opportunities for women in the workforce - women founders, CEOs and board members are more likely to value the work of other women and offer them advancement. (The Atlantic)

We are seeking 100 people to put $500 or more towards women-run businesses in 2018. As an early funder you will be one of the first people on our soon-to-be-launched funding platform. Your funding pledge will help us reach our goal of starting 2018 on a high note with a community-sourced $100,000 fund committed to women led businesses on our platform.  We can’t think of a better way to let women across the country know that we’ve got their back!


  • All funders during this campaign are entered to win a spot on the stage during our EnrichHER tour - your investment story shared with a live audience! 
  • All investments are a potential to support a woman-led company while gaining a profit 
  • The first 100 funders over $500 will be listed on our new platform and site. If one of the funders is also an entrepreneur, if approved, could be one of the launch entrepreneurs on the EnrichHER funding website.
  • The first five funders over $1000 will be interviewed and featured on our site and social media and have a 20-minute call with our founder, Roshawnna Novellus.
  • The first ten funders over $5000 will be in the select group with early preview access of the opportunities on the platform which includes an advanced opportunity to invest. Furthermore, this group will be part of the select platform advisory group moving forward.
  • Want to provide more than $5000? We have something super exciting and secret for you! We will disclose this as a response to the email below!

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